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  • A few dental musings

    Do You Know: How to self check for bad breath

    How do you check for bad breath? Lick your wrist, let it dry for 10 seconds and then smell it.

    Do You Know: The length of dental floss you should use in a year

    If done properly and daily, the length of floss used in a year should be 110 metres.

    Do You Know: Average onset age of eating disorders and their dental impact.

    A study published in 2013 found the average onset of eating disorders was 16 years of age with an average duration of 4.4 years. Patients with eating disorders had more severe dental erosion, gingival bleeding and decayed, missing or filled teeth as compared to controls.

    Do You Know: Obesity and dental health

    Men and women with a BMI over 30 regardless of smoking or diabetes status were found to have a greater risk of developing periodontal disease than those with a healthy body weight in a recent study.

    Do You Know: Sports drinks, acidity and the effects on teeth

    Most sports drinks are quite acidic (pH 3-4) and if taken to excess, may lead to dental erosion and demineralization. One study found that 57% of 11-14 year-olds had evidence of some dental erosion.

    Do You Know: Bacterial counts in dental plaque

    Bacterial levels can reach more than 100 000 000 000 micrograms per mg of dental plaque.

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  • Stem cells may be used to regrow lost or damaged teeth

    Stem cells may be used to regrow lost or damaged teeth

    Adults lose teeth due to poor hygiene, aging, disease or accidents. Traditionally, prosthetics are used to replace part or all of a lost tooth. But wouldn’t it be better if we could simply regrow lost or damaged teeth? Approaches using stem cells, while still in their infancy, may eventually do exactly that.

    Scientists have come up with a bright idea to repair teeth and they say their concept — using laser light to entice the body’s own stem cells into action — may offer enormous promise beyond just dentistry in the field of regenerative medicine. The researchers used a low-power laser to coax dental stem cells to form dentine, the hard tissue that makes up most of a tooth, in studies involving rats and mice and using human cells in a laboratory.

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  • Introducing Jodi, our Practice Manager

    Introducing Jodi, our Practice Manager

    We are delighted to introduce Jodi Grimsey as our new Practice Manager. Jodi has been an important part of the team at Modern Dentistry since joining the practice in 2011. She began as a dental assistant working alongside Shaun Ng before completing her Certificate 3 in Dental Assisting. We promoted Jodi to the position of Head Nurse in 2012, recognising her exceptional nursing and organisational skills. More recently Jodi also became involved in the running of the reception desk, again demonstrating a wide range of talents and, to utilise her skills further, we have now promoted Jodi to the important role of practice manager. From this position Jodi oversees the day to day running of both the clinical and administrative side of the practice, working alongside Lead Dentist Tony to ensure the practice runs to the highest standards. We are thrilled to be working with Jodi and look forward to developing the practice further with her at our side.

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  • The truth behind cereal bars

    The truth behind cereal bars

    They are sold as a healthy breakfast alternative for those with too much to do and too little time. Cereal bars are snapped up by busy workers – and also by parents who think they will provide a nutritious lunchtime snack for their children.

    Research published recently shows that cereal bars are not as wholesome as they seem. Independent analysis found they were laden with sugar and saturated fats and one bar, a Coco Pops spin-off, was found to be even sweeter than pure milk chocolate. Food Commission director, Tim Lobstein, said: ‘While a bowl of porridge, muesli or low-sugar cereal topped with reduced fat milk would receive a thumbs-up for good nutrition, it’s unlikely any of these breakfast bars would deserve the same approval.

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  • Dental tourism - do the cost savings truly weigh up against the risks to your oral health?

    Dental tourism - do the cost savings truly weigh up against the risks to your oral health?

    There is an increasing trend of Australians seeking dental treatment overseas, drawn by the promise of cheaper fees coupled with the opportunity for a holiday but this is fraught with risks from private health insurance issues to health and safety concerns.

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    Welcome to Modern Dentistry

    Modern Dentistry is a refreshingly new concept in dental care.

    By bringing together many of the world's proven and advanced dental technologies under one roof and combining these with the skills of a cutting edge team of dental professionals, we aim to provide the ultimate in dental care. Our clinical skills are backed up by our dedicated support team who offer a concierge level of customer service to ensure each visit is relaxing and enjoyable. They will ensure that you are provided with the ultimate level of customised service and care.

    By design, Modern Dentistry doesn't look or feel like a traditional dental practice. The luxurious decor and high quality finish of the surroundings reflect the high standards of service we aim to provide. Our team create an inviting and calming atmosphere so you can sit back, relax and have an enjoyable and personal experience. 

    Our location has your convenience in mind, situated in Civic, we are within walking distance from the Canberra Centre and in the centre of the Canberra Central Business District.

    Our Mission Statement
    We will provide the very best patient service in the
    field of Dental Health, delivering it with empathy.