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  • Toothache? The sinusitis connection!

    Toothache? The sinusitis connection!

    Quite often a patient will come in to see us with pain and pressure in the upper back molars, with no dental reason whatsoever for this problem. When that happens, our minds jump to one likely culprit – the sinuses.

    It may sound odd, but the relationship actually makes perfect sense. Sinuses are mucous-lined, air-filled spaces in the skull and whilst everybody’s are a bit different there are overarching similarities.

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  • Smart people wear mouth guards but what type should you wear?

    Smart people wear mouth guards but what type should you wear?

    A mouthguard, properly fitted, should be worn during any contact sport or activities where there is risk of an injury to the face e.g. footy, hockey, volleyball, soccer etc. Without a mouthguard, sports injuries and accidents can result in damage and injury to the gum, lips or teeth, tooth fractures, knocked out teeth and jaw fractures.

    Significant trauma to permanent (adult) teeth is also common with falls from skateboards, roller-blades, trampolines and scooters.

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  • What is denture stomatitis?

    What is denture stomatitis?

    Denture stomatitis is a common disorder affecting denture wearers. It is characterized as inflammation and redness of the tissues that are covered by the denture when it is worn. It is often produces no symptoms that the patient is aware of; only a minority of sufferers experience pain, itching or burning. It is usually identified during a dental examination when the presence of inflammation and swelling under the denture is seen. It is associated with poor denture fit, increased age of the patient, increased age of the denture, continuous wearing of the denture and poor denture hygiene. It is important to keep your mouth as clean as possible and rinse after meals. Smoking promotes growth of further yeast infections, as does keeping dentures in the mouth for 24 hours at a time. It is important to let the mouth rest too!

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  • Were my teeth always that colour? A guide to the many causes of stains.

    Were my teeth always that colour? A guide to the many causes of stains.

    We can offer many ways to improve the appearance of discoloured teeth but knowing how we get stains in the first place is important. Knowing what to avoid is half the battle in preventing tooth staining. So what are the main culprits behind those unattractive stains? Let’s break it down by category.

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  • Herbal Medicine and Dentistry - understanding the risks

    Herbal Medicine and Dentistry - understanding the risks

    The use of herbal and dietary supplements (HDS) is a well-documented trend among consumers of all ages. Every day, dental professionals encounter patients who use these products. A recent course by Ann Eshenaur Spoarich RDH, PhD identified the potential risks and benefits of supplement use and highlighted dental practice management considerations for patients who use herbal and dietary supplements. To ensure that you receive the most appropriate dental care it is imperative that you inform your practitioner of any medication you are taking, both on-prescription and over-the-counter drugs, including herbal and dietary supplements.

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    Welcome to Modern Dentistry

    Modern Dentistry is a refreshingly new concept in dental care.

    By bringing together many of the world's proven and advanced dental technologies under one roof and combining these with the skills of a cutting edge team of dental professionals, we aim to provide the ultimate in dental care. Our clinical skills are backed up by our dedicated support team who offer a concierge level of customer service to ensure each visit is relaxing and enjoyable. They will ensure that you are provided with the ultimate level of customised service and care.

    By design, Modern Dentistry doesn't look or feel like a traditional dental practice. The luxurious decor and high quality finish of the surroundings reflect the high standards of service we aim to provide. Our team create an inviting and calming atmosphere so you can sit back, relax and have an enjoyable and personal experience. 

    Our location has your convenience in mind, situated in Civic, we are within walking distance from the Canberra Centre and in the centre of the Canberra Central Business District.

    Our Mission Statement
    We will provide the very best patient service in the
    field of Dental Health, delivering it with empathy.